School Supplies Everyone Should Own

Tomorrow marks my first day back to school! Though I am a school administrator now, it does not stop me from loading up on all of my favorite school supplies! Recently I have had a couple people ask me what my favorite school supplies are, so I thought I would post my top suggestions for the best school supplies! 

Pens + Pencils

Since I was a child, I have been a connoisseur of pens and pencils. Some of my earliest shopping memories are of me saving my money to buy different colored pens! All that to say, I have narrowed down the list of pens and pencils that I like for all my different writing needs.

1. Stabilo anything! I have tried almost all of the products this company makes and I LOVE everything that I've tried! I especially love the mini set. The minis are a perfect size to throw in your bag or even in your back pocket! 

2. Field Notes pencils! I love these pencils because they do not have any type of finish on the wood and the round construction is simple and comfortable in my grip. Not only are they comfortable to write with, the lead is dark, yet easy to erase. 

3. Paper Mate Ink Joy Pens! I am usually not a fan of ball point pens, but I actually really love these. If I have to use a ball point pen instead of a felt tip pen, these are my pen of choice! The plus side to these pens is that they are really inexpensive and can be purchased at pretty much any store where pens are sold! 

Notebooks + Paper Goods

Paper goods are something that I can't imagine living without. I have tried to go digital so many times and each time I have made my way back to using paper planners and notebooks. Here are a few products that I love! 

1. Grid Notebooks! I love grid notebooks in general because the content that I write in my notebooks is organized and spaced out well. For those of you who have been around me, you know that I am not a fan of things that are not symmetrical, so I think that is why I am drawn to grid notebooks. I love Moleskine and Rhodia notebooks for regular use. I have just purchased a Mod Notebook which is a traditional notebook that is able to be sent back in to the company upon completion and they completely digitize it for you. It works beautifully with their software or can be exported to platforms you may already use like Evernote. 

2. Post-It Notes! I use Post-It's to organize my life. When I'm brainstorming, planning, scheduling or anything where I have to gather my thoughts, Post-it's are what I use. I think since I'm a visual person, it helps me make mind maps to help me successfully execute all the things that float around my brain! I love the smaller Post-it's because I can put them in my bullet journal or on my laptop to be visually reminded of things!  

Pretty Things + Accessories 

I realize that whenever I have extra money to buy things for myself, I am usually going to the nearest office supply or stationary store! I am a sucker for little purposeful knickknacks! 

1. Washi Tape! I love Washi Tape! I love that it's practical, yet beautiful! You can be super creative with it to make a masterpiece or you can simply hang a piece of paper on your wall and it looks like you care a little more than if you were to use a price of scotch tape! I love mixing and matching different patterns and colors.

2. Magic Rub Erasers! These erasers are the BEST. I have used these since I was in elementary school! They pretty much can erase any type of pencil including colored pencils! I also like that they don't make a huge mess like regular erasers! These erasers are the best $1.50 you'll spend! 

3. Poppin Desk Accessories! I love Poppin products. They a minimalistic, sleek and practical! You can choose pretty much any color your would ever want.  I like how all the different trays stack and go with each other. 

Whether or not you are headed back to school this fall, these are products that I would recommend to bring ease to your everyday tasks! 

Danielle Helson