3 Affirmations That Will Change Your Day

Recently I have been pondering something that happened at work earlier this month. My boss came up to me and said that I looked so happy. I know that this is not a huge life changing comment, but it made me wonder why he said that. A few days later, he said the same thing. Once he repeated himself, I knew it wasn’t a comment made in passing and it didn’t seem like a coincidence. As I thought about what he said, I realized that in order for me to look happy, I must have previously not been happy. 

As I thought about not being happy in the past, I realized that I had recently made a lot of changes in the way that I live my life. Taking my own advice from the “Help! I’m Stuck” series, I decided to make some changes in order to live more intentionally! Not only did I choose to live in community, find things that bring me joy and take the necessary steps to eat well; I also decided to be more intentional with what I say in life! 

The senior pastor at my church has been talking a lot about how what we say in our lives really affects what happens in our life. I have read a lot of blogs and listened to several podcasts and it seems that many people are saying the same thing about affirmations and the power of our words. I decided to practice what all my sources have been saying and I started to say affirmations every day when I wake up! Instead of going straight to Instagram or my email in the morning, I am going straight to my to do list where I am reminded to declare my daily affirmations. 

I have declared several different affirmations over my life in the past years, but the three that I am going to share with you are definitely game changers and also the reason I believe that there was a noticeable difference in my happiness level at work!

1. "I believe in myself and others believe in me!"

When you believe in yourself, you can change the world. People who are getting things done in life, are the people who believe in themselves and are confident in who they are. When you have confidence in what you are made to do, you will be noticed, set apart and be ready to take on the world!

2. "I can do all things because I am fully equipped with all I need to make today awesome!"

This affirmation is a great one as well because sometimes we forget that we have so many tools in life to use! Just think about how you learn new things on a regular basis! Those things are what we can hold onto when we are in new or tricky situations. Have faith that you retain more in your lovely brain than you think! 

3. "Great things are going to happen today!"

Believe the best about your day! Have an expectation of greatness! I love this affirmation, because when I am feeling like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, I can remember that things are going to be great! When I declare this affirmation in the moments when everything is going to crap, it instantly changes my mindset and I am ready to take on whatever needs to be done. 

All in all, these affirmations will help you conquer your day and put your mind at ease! There may be times you will only need to declare these affirmations once throughout the day and there may be other times when you will need to declare these over and over until your mind and body get it and actually start to believe it! 

Danielle Helson