Motivational Mentoring

What is a mentoring session with Danielle?

I like to compare it to when you need to clean your room, but there are things everywhere! You may stand there feeling overwhelmed, not knowing where or how to start! In those moments when you feel stuck, I have found it to be helpful to have someone suggest where to begin! Essentially, that is what I do.

How much does it cost?

After your free consultation, you will be given a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals. The price per session varies between $40-$80. 

What does it look like? 

During your initial free consultation, we will sit down and you will share your goals and dreams as well as the areas where you feel stuck. After your consultation, I will develop an individualized plan to set you up with the tools or steps needed to point you in the direction you want to go!

After that, during your mentoring sessions, we will check in on your progress as well as re-evaluate any steps that need to be adjusted to better fit your lifestyle. The session will also provide the time and space to verbally process your journey and to gain an outside perspective.