"Help! I'm Stuck" Pt. 4: Maintaining Your Freedom

Up to this point, I have shared about my journey of becoming free from the feeling of being stuck in life. After implementing being in community, finding joy and eating a balanced diet in my life, I can confidently say that I feel like myself again! In the final post of this series, I am going to teach you some simple steps that have helped me maintain the freedom that I have recently found! 

Step 1: Be Intentional

In order to live out this lifestyle of freedom, I have to be very intentional with my daily choices. I don’t want to fall back into my old habits of eating everything in sight and mindlessly watching TV for hours! Personally, I love being intentional because I know what I want my life to become, so I choose to focus on that and make choices accordingly. I set up goals and create habits that are specifically designed to help me get to the life that I want! I previously shared a great system that has been helpful in my life, here on my blog. If you would like to check out how I changed parts of my life in order to live a more productive and fruitful life, click here. By following these steps, I have cultivated intentionality and I am now accomplishing the very things that I want for my life!

Step 2: Get Organized

I know I have talked about prepping my life in the past, but getting organized is really a life saver when choosing to live intentionally. I find that the weeks where I don’t prep things in advance are the weeks that I make poor food choices and poor life decisions. I find it easiest to thrive and maintain my freedom from feeling stuck when I organize the space around me, my food schedule and my life schedule. I love using the bullet journalling concept to shape my week along with one of my favorite apps, Habit List. Between my bullet journal and that app, I am able to maintain my goals, schedules and to-do lists which in return help me maintain the progress that I have made.

Step 3: Ask For Help

Over the years, I have been learning how asking for help is the key to growth and freedom. Instead of being prideful, I have learned to ask the people around me who are a little farther along to help me out in different areas! I would encourage you to think about the people in your life that are a little bit further ahead of you and ask them for tips they have found to be helpful in life. 

I am so glad that you have chosen to read through this series and hear about my journey! I am thankful for all of the feedback and encouragement that I have received along the way! Thank you to all of you who have faithfully read the posts from this series and have shared it with your friends! You guys are AMAZING!

If you want to dig deeper into finding freedom in your life, specifically in the area of being stuck, feel free to set up a FREE consultation with me. In the consultation, I will hear what’s going on in your life and then email you an individualized mentoring program that would work best for you to achieve freedom in your life!  

Danielle Helson