Day 26 Update

I am thankful for days off! Today has been ablsolutely delightful. 

"I create a calm and creative environment!"

I love the fact that I just finished my 12-week workout plan today! I have been on a journey growing in the area of health and fitness and I really feel excited that I actually completed Bikini Body Guide! I have lost a total of 7 inches and I am proud of my results! It was not easy, but I did my best and finished it! 

"In what ways do you create a calm and creative environment?"

Back in April, I started a new job as the Chief Administrator of our church. One of my goals that I wanted to see happen when I started this job is to create a calm and creative environment. It has been interesting, because I haven't necessarily voiced this but the results are already happening. People are starting to be inspired to be creative and I love it!