Today is my 30th birthday and boy, has it been a year!!! Since the beginning of this month, I've thought about all the incredible things that have happened this year. I feel so blessed by how everything has turned out! I thought I would share a few of the things that I have gotten to experience:

  • On my birthday,God surprised our church through a crazy supernatural act that could only come from Him.
  • I received an all-access pass to the Tonight Show and met some members of the Roots.
  • I helped coordinate the Holy Ghost event for our city.
  • I saw Skrillex with my dad.
  • I received SEVERAL gifts.
  • I visited NYC three times.
  • I celebrated friends getting married, having birthdays and having children.
  • I received several timely prophetic words from some of my heroes.
  • I taught a week on Supernatural Evangelism at the School of Supernatural Life.
  • I lead four Cultivate Boldness outreaches in four different US cities.
  • I got to be a part of so many physical healing miracles from the Lord.
  • I visited both sets of my grandparents.
  • I taught the Fly Youth students at Grace Center.
  • I celebrated my husband getting to play for Danielle Bradbery and Maddie and Tae.
  • I coordinated the Heaven Declares and More conferences.
  • I taught a class on the prophetic.
  • I visited seven new states.
  • I encouraged many people.
  • I had several amazing vacations, including an Alaskan cruise.

I know that there were more incredible things that have happened this past year, but I figured I wouldn't go on and on in this post! After reminiscing about all of the experiences that I have had, I was in tears because I am SO thankful for how my life is turning out. I am thankful for my family, my friends, my work, my calling and for the love of God. 

As I was thinking about God's goodness, He reminded me of my birthday verse He gave me last year. The verse was from Psalm 37:23 and it says, "The Lord directs the steps of the Godly. He delights in every detail of their lives." Along with my verse, He prompted me write down some desires that I had in my heart. As I looked through my journal and saw the desires that I had written down, I was instantly undone by the love that God has for me. Here are a few of those desires:

  • Open doors for the Cultivate Boldness team to do what You want us to do and the financial means to do so
  • Travel more
  • Steward a great relationship with my family
  • Have opportunities to teach more
  • Coordinate events that bless our city and the nation
  • Share God's love through encouragement with people I meet!
  • I want to see God's love flood New York City and I want to say yes to what He has for me there.
  • Partner with God to see people delivered and healed -- MIRACLES!!

After comparing my desires list and the list of what actually happened this year, I was shocked at all the things that were accomplished! It's pretty cool because I can almost check all of the things off of my list! It is very clear to me that God has delighted in the details of my life and provided ways for me to step out in those desires.

I guess the reason why I decided to share all of this with you, is because I want to encourage you that it is important to set your expectations on good things and have hope in the fact that God delights in the details of our lives. I believe that when we align our expectations with what God has for us, we make room and welcome Him to change the course of our lives. He cares about all the big things and the small things that we care about. Make your desires known to Him!

Challenge: Take some time to write down some desires that you have for your life. Once you have written those down, declare and have faith that those things will come true in your life. Set a reminder in your calendar to look at these goals one year from now to celebrate what God has done in your life! Remember to document your journey on social media by using the hashtag #faithfultomypurpose